Sunday, May 27, 2012

Dadra Taal on Tabla

Daadra Taal is a fast chanchal taal. Romantic, Fast song, Dance songs are sung on this taal. This taal is of six beats or matras. This taal also has two parts of 3-3 beats or matras. Taali or Clap is played at First matra or beat and Khali or waving hand in the air is shown at 4th beat. The notation of the taal is written according to Bhatkhande Swarlipi Method.

Theka or Bol of Daadra  Taal is like this:

Dha   Dhee  Na   |     Dha    Tun    Na  |
x                               0

Dadra Taal 6 matra

Dadra Taal 6 beats

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