Thursday, July 5, 2012

Rupak Taal on Tabla तबले की रूपक ताल ७ मात्रा

Rupak taal is played on tabla. This taal is of 7 beats per cycle or say seven matras per round. Special type songs , bhajans are played on this taal. Some old songs are played in this taal. Now a days no major work is created in this taal. This taal has 3 parts of three-two-two matras or beats.

On first beat or matra there is a taali (Clap) and at 4th and 6th matra or beat taali is shown. The notation of the taal is written according to Bhatkhande Swarlipi Method.
Theka of Rupak taal is like this:-
1      2     3     4      5        6      7
Ti   Ti   Na | Dhi  Na  |  Dhi  Na |
x                   2                3

This taal also has a secon opinion that Khali should be shown on first Matra or beat and Taali or Clap is shown on 4th and 6th matra or beat.
Theka of Rupak Taal according to second opinion in Bhatkande Swarlipi Method is like this:
1      2     3      4     5        6      7
Ti   Ti   Na | Dhi  Na  |  Dhi  Na |
0                   2                3

I remember some songs which are frequently played on Rupak taal:

First is Ram Stuti:   Sri Ram Chandra Kripalu Bhajman Haran Bahu Bhay Darunam
2.  Film Hamsafar Song:  Kisi raah pe kisi mod pe kahin chal na dena tu chhood kar, Mere hamsafar, Mere Hamsafar.

roopak taal 7 beats