Friday, May 18, 2012

Teen Taal ke bol

Teen tal is a very famous tal. Every tabla student learn this tal and Kayda Palta is learnt to make his or her hand perfect for playing tabla with music and dance.
Teen tal has 16 matras (beats) When it is written on paper it has four part of 4 beats. First beat place is called 'Sam' 5th beat is called 2nd taali 9th beat is 'Khali ' and 13th beat is another taali means 3rd Taali. We can show the Teen taal by Taali or claps and putting finger on hand. Some people ask a question why this tal is called teen tal? Answer is - There are three taali(s) in Teen Taal Theka on 1st 5th and 13th maatra or beat so it is called teen taal . 9th place is shown as Khali hand is moved on air to show khali. Sam is shown by a cross Khali is shown by 0 and taali is shown by its number. The notation of the taal is written according to Bhatkhande Swarlipi Method.
Theka of Teen Tal is like this:

Dha     Dhin      Dhin       Dha     |     Dha      Dhin     Dhin     Dha    | 
x                                                       2
Dha     Tin         Tin         Ta       |     Ta        Dhin     Dhin     Dha    |
0                                                       3
Tabla Teen Taal 16 Matra
Tabla tin tal 16 beats

Tabla Teen Taal 16 Matra

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